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Infrared Sauna, Explained.

At Spa 901 we have two infrared saunas, offering a great therapeutic avenue for anyone looking to relax, alleviate minor or chronic pain and detoxify stubborn toxins.

So what is an infrared sauna, and why is is not “hot” like a traditional sauna?   Let us explain…

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are very different from traditional saunas, in that they use infrared light waves to heat up the tissues of your body directly, instead of using heating mechanisms or steam to raise the temperature of the air around you.  Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared saunas emit a gentle, therapeutic and radiant heat, promoting relaxation and detoxification in the form of a deep-tissue sweat.  Since the light is heating your body, instead of the air around you, you will begin to receive benefits as soon as the sauna turned on, though most will wait until it is slightly warmed up for comfort.  Bring a book, close your eyes, relax and get ready for a deep sweat.  As you sit in the infrared sauna, the core temperature of your body will begin to heat up, leaving you warm, refreshed and relaxed after your session.

Common Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Detoxification – Sweating is (one of) the body’s natural ways to heal, regulate temperature and release waste from the body.  Many toxins, such as lead, mercury and pesticides can become “stored” in your body and are difficult to release.   Infrared saunas help release these stored toxins, in a shorter time frame, by allowing your body to reach a deep-tissue sweat.  The more sessions you have in an infrared sauna, the more harmful toxins your body will be able to release.

Pain Relief – Since infrared rays penetrate the tissues, muscles and joints of your body directly, it can be very effective at relieving minor to chronic aches and pains with repeated use.   Infrared heat is incorporated into the treatment plan of many professionals to decrease pain and speed up muscle recovery.

Stress Relief – As obvious as this sounds, the soothing heat that comes from an infrared sauna can work wonders to alleviate stress that you are experiencing in your body or mind.  Infrared saunas promote increased circulation of blood within your body, help release endorphins (your feel good chemical) and also deliver more oxygen to your brain.   The result?  Improved levels of physical and mental state.

Skin Purification – Infrared light is very effective at stimulating collagen production and elastin within your skin – two very important ingredients that keep your skin healthy and youthful!  With repeated infrared sessions, you should start to see improvement in your overall skin tone, reduction of wrinkles and enhanced skin texture.

Recommended Use of Infrared Sauna

To get the most from an infrared sauna session, we recommend a duration of 15-30 minutes, positioning yourself so that you body is sitting or lying in front of the panels .  The infrared saunas at Spa 901 seat two guests comfortably and are on a 60 minute timer, so please ask if you need assistance turning on.  You WILL work up a sweat so bring in a towel and drink a cup of water before and after your session to prevent dehydration.

Want to try a session?   We offer access to the infrared saunas and outdoor hot pool at a rate of $17 per person, within our business hours.  Time can be reserved by calling the spa directly and ask that you please call ahead, as we may not be able to accommodate access on our busy days.


Happy Sweating!


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