Disconnect, to Reconnect

Does anyone else have days where they crave an old-fashioned flip phone?  I do.  A few weeks ago I decided it would be a good idea to put a “daily screen time limit” on my smartphone. Two hours a day, between all unnecessary apps, totally doable.


Over the course of the next week I got a reality check.  2pm would roll by and every time I clicked on Instagram I would get a “you have reached your screen time limit” message. To me, this was pretty shocking.  I started evaluating…

Why is it we feel the need to be connected ALL the time, to the world of others? To check Instagram and Facebook every hour of the day?  Are we doing any good for our mental health?  Are we creating unnecessary anxiety?  Is it hurting my relationships? Do I really care about what others are doing, so much, that I am taking quality time away from myself?  These were all good questions to explore…

Upon doing some research, I was able to conclude that that the average adult spends approximately 3.5 hours per day on their smartphone, 90% of which accounts for the usage of apps.  Now, keep in mind, this does not include time spent in front of a desktop, or TV.  Putting this into perspective, it means that we are spending an entire day, per week, on our smartphones.

Now let’s talk wellness.  At Spa 901 we do not have wifi available to our guests, a decision we purposely made.  Why? When you are coming to a day spa, you are paying hard earned money to relax and be pampered.  It is time you are spending on yourself and we WANT you to disconnect and be present in the moment, so you get the most out of your time with us.   It is time for you to relax, to decompress and let go of the stresses of your week.

So what are some healthy activities you can incorporate, to give yourself more time away from the screen?

  1. Movement – getting minimum 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per day has so many benefits including: elevated mood, decreased anxiety, better sleep, stronger muscles, healthier skin, etc.  The list goes on.
  2. Bathing – This is my ritual every night; MY time. A glass of wine or tea, a candle and 30 minutes spent all to myself. It is the time I give myself in a day to decompress, to unwind and just be one with my thoughts.
  3. Silent Mode – have you ever experienced this scenario:  you wake up and are enjoying a peaceful morning, then, suddenly a non-urgent e-mail comes through, and you now feel nothing but anxiety and urgency to respond? It is very common these days. Turning off your notifications can have such a powerful impact during days and times when you do not need to be in work mode. Set those boundaries with yourself and your job. Being constantly connected can cause stress, insecurity and anxiety, especially on days when you do not have the power to solve what is needed.
  4. Quality Time – choose a good friend each week and make a date to spend an hour or two with one another, sans smart phone.  If you want to enjoy feelings of connection, intimacy and closeness with your friends, you need to put your phone away.   Take it off the table, turn off the notifications and spend an hour enjoying the one-on-one company.

I wanted to share this post with you, in an attempt to inspire you to take some time away from the screen and disconnect. To spend more time on the things that are actually meaningful to you, and help you focus on your personal well being.  Explore, create some healthy rituals and create a meaningful relationship with yourself (and not as much with your smartphone).

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